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Kevin and Sheelagh met in the backyard. (They’re next door neighbours!) Yes, it’s unusual to meet your business partner like this, but in this case it actually happened!

Sharing a double backyard in Toronto’s west end, and making sure their respective dogs behaved, meant that over time they became friends. They talked about podcasts, Kevin’s start-up, WordPress, hockey, and politics.

Soon, they were discussing the main problems show producers or aspiring podcasters face:

  • Not knowing where to start
  • Not having the time to continue with a podcast show
  • Not having the content or technical skills to produce and promote a show

Their many conversations evolved into an idea. Following in-depth research, more discussions, and input from contacts and friends, Podmotion arrived!

What really makes Podmotion unique? Kevin and Sheelagh’s complementary strengths, allowing them to solve the problems podcasters face.

Kevin McCall

Partner & Tech Lead

Kevin McCall is an experienced technology leader and consultant. He has the knowledge and insight that comes from decades of extensive hands-on and leadership experience, gained across diverse industries and organizations.

He has worked on a broad range of projects including email marketing and deliverability, information privacy and security, corporate systems, and cloud solutions and migrations.

More recently, Kevin has enhanced his knowledge about start-ups and business processes, having been a partner in a micro-payments start-up QUID. He is a technology consultant, and has recently developed a number of mobile-first websites and custom e-commerce solutions.

Sheelagh Caygill

Sheelagh Caygill

Partner & Content Lead

Sheelagh began as a journalist, and eventually branched into communications. She has worked for a range of media outlets, small and large businesses, and non-profits in Canada and the UK.

Sheelagh began podcasting some time ago for her side-project, a PR and marketing website called Communicateinfluence.com.

Her strengths lie in understanding the creative process, and the planning and hard work behind every creative venture. Experience as a journalist makes Sheelagh adept at identifying salient points and asking the right questions. She is highly skilled at creating key messages and creating and re-purposing content.

Sheelagh has developed many communications and content marketing plans, and written content including scripts, blogs, articles, long-form journalism, and social media content.

Photo of Aaron

Aaron Scherle

Strategic Content Creator

Aaron Scherle brings a deep and diverse toolbox to the Podmotion team.

An experienced strategic communicator, planner and leader, Aaron has led communications for a wide variety of organizations, specializing in both external and internal communications.

Aaron is a veteran and was responsible for public affairs for the then-new Canadian Special Operations Regiment, a strategically sensitive role that required close coordination with the highest levels of government communications. During his time at CSOR, Aaron worked with some of the best leaders and journalists in the world. Aaron led the crisis communications response to the April 2009 hijacking of CanJet Flight 918 in Jamaica, he was a member of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics counterterrorism taskforce, and he served in Afghanistan. Aaron was an infantry officer and a platoon commander before turning to public affairs.

When he’s not reading, writing, or watching American politics (his favorite “sport”), Aaron’s usually walking his rescue pit bull, Frankie, or exploring his downtown-Phoenix neighborhood by bicycle with his wife, Pam. (Fun fact: Aaron is a former provincial cycling champion.)

Liam Morrison

Alex Stepankivskyi

Audio-Visual Production Editor

Alexander Stepankivskyi is an audio and video editor. He has more than 24 years of experience as a sound engineer. He is also a musician and in his spare time enjoys gaming, nature, and the outdoors.

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