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The art of the podcast interview

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Podcast interviewing

Many people say that interviewing is an art. The truth is that it’s a combination of preparation, curiosity, empathy, and deep listening.

In our latest episode of the Podcast Production and Promotion Podcast, journalist and podcast producer Amanda Cupido explains how to do a really good interview.

Amanda discusses the need for solid preparation, and why it’s important to find the balance between being prepared but not over-preparing. 

She explores the importance of making a guest comfortable, how to ask questions, revisiting topics if a guest doesn’t answer fully, and showing empathy when guests discuss painful or sensitive issues.

Amanda shares stories from some of her most difficult interviews, along with some of her favourite interviewers for listeners to learn from. 

Amanda is author of the book Let’s Talk Podcasting: The Essential Guide to Doing It Right, and a media instructor at Seneca College in Ontario, Canada.

You can find Amanda at Some of her favourite interviewers are:

And we also recommend listening recent production on cybersecurity called Get It, both for the content and Amanda’s interview skills.

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