Internet hacks for small businesses, voice tech developments, and building trust with email newsletters

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One. Young entrepreneur Marc Guberti is unstoppable and produces three podcasts, our favourite being Breakthrough Success. In this recent episode, Marc interviews Laura Burton, a marketing strategist, about internet marketing hacks For small businesses and solopreneurs. The top mistake online marketers make? Not understanding their goal.

Two. How are voice assistant technologies impacting e-commerce, and in particular fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)? Krish Velkar of Ogilvy discusses this with Carl Robinson, host of the Voice Tech Podcast. Consumers could be looking at significant developments in the FMCG retail space over the next few years, so Krish’s insights are timely.

Three. Entrepreneurs wanting to stay on top of new developments often check Product Hunt. Now Product Hunt has a podcast! Product Hunt Radio features journalists, entrepreneurs, investors, and creatives – all discussing the latest in tech.

Four. E-mail newsletters are a big deal! Readers want their favourite content in their mailbox, and the format offers a more intimate form of connection than a blog post or LinkedIn article. In Kyle Weckerly’s Career Challenge’s podcast, newsletter and copy writing pro Tyler McCune discusses his process with new clients, and how to connect with readers.

Five. One of our writer friends has just started sending his PR newsletter out via Substack. He’s not alone. Substack is a service that helps writers created paid newsletter businesses. Its CEO, Chris Best, sits down with Recode’s Peter Kafka to talk about his rapidly growing startup, and what it means for the media industry.

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