Use your back catalogue to grow your podcast show

How to use your back catalogue to grow your podcast

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As soon as you have six or more podcast episodes, you can reuse that content months and sometimes years later to grow your show!

Using past episodes

Take full advantage of the rich content you’ve created! Reposition it in blog posts and on social media – as long as the episodes aren’t time sensitive. Pull out some great content and make a trailer for your audience. Alternatively, pull out some of the not-so-great content and making a funny blooper reel!

If you have some extra time on your hands, think about cataloguing your episodes and creating notes. That way, if something comes up that is relevant, you can share that episode.

You don’t always have to post it to your podcast website. Instead, just post it to Instagram. Or you can slice the content out and insert it into an upcoming podcast episode. 


Newsjacking is posting your content on relevant channels when a breaking story happens, or when a community is talking about an issue that you have covered in the past. Take your content and write a suitable post drawing attention to it. Create a strong call to action, and encourage people to listen. Done well, this can draw a significant about of traffic to your show.

Rainy day content

Life happens – and sometimes, it gets in the way. If you are busy or away, having pre-prepared content is great to fall-back on. With a back catalogue, you can make a plan!

Refer to older episodes in new episodes

If you talk about, say, e-commerce in a new episode and have interviewed a previous guest about this, refer to the former episode in your audio, show notes, and blog posts.

Let your audience know

If you do use your backlog, let your audience know. Announce that it is an old episode. Put it in the episode notes, and even put a disclaimer in the episode itself. That way, if something said in the episode that’s outdated or incorrect, there’ll be an explanation.

Always keep your back catalogue in mind! Find new ways to use it that feel exciting, funny, or just relevant!

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