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One. Ash Young is a digital agency owner in Sheffield, England. He has a new e-commerce commerce – a £1m turnover in 12 months with his new site selling car mats. He is mainly using PPC and retargeting. He is documenting every aspect of his progress, and shares a massive amount of detail in his video podcasts. Watch his progress, highs and lows, here.

Two. Is ESG the most important development for public relations in 50 years? The PRmoment podcast features Matt Peacock, partner at Blurred, discussing ESG – environmental, social, and governance – considered to be the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an organisation. 

Three. Cybersecurity is set to become an even bigger issue in the next few years. Get insights for the foreseeable future in the cybersecurity podcast Get It, hosted and produced by Amanda Cupido. Essential episodes are: Endpoint Security Best Practices for Remote Workers, Why People are Your Best Defence Against a Cyberattack, and What Makes Small Business Cyber Security Different.

Four. There is a new breed of communications professional that is challenging the status quo and doing things differently to what has come before. It’s a hybrid of PR, marketing, creative and SEO that has strategic communications at its heart. Following their lead is, in Paul Sutton’s view, the way forward for the industry. Listen to Paul discuss this subject with guests John Brown, Carrie Rose, and Darryl Sparey in the latest episode of his podcast, Digital Download.

Five. Strategic branding consultant Jack Fussell explores what makes a brand great in an interview with The Communicate Influence Podcast. Jack dives deep into the essence of a brand, and explains that empathy and trust are at the core of successful brands

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