Podcast: Behind the scenes with The Hope Strategy Podcast. Entrepreneurs Corey Blake and Josh Steimle share their podcasting philosophy, and how to produce a great podcast show, in

Behind the scenes with The Hope Strategy Podcast

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It’s not often that podcast show producers open the doors to reveal how they produce their show. Least of all successful entrepreneurs.

But Podmotion is fortunate to get Corey Blake, shown left in our feature image, and Josh Steimle, right, to do just that!

The Hope Strategy Podcast: A look at a podcasting philosophy

Behind The Scenes With The Hope Strategy Podcast is a conversation between the hosts of the Hope Strategy Podcast – Josh and Corey. In this episode you’ll hear about their podcasting philosophy, and learn how to produce better episodes.

Both men are partners at global digital marketing agency MWI. Josh is also the founder of Published Author, which offers a range of programs to coach entrepreneurs to write and publish a book, and leverage it to grow their business.

Why hope?

Josh and Corey tell listeners about their aspirations for the Hope Strategy Podcast. If they can inspire just one person with their show, it’ll make it worthwhile.

You’ll hear how to:

Finding a groove with a co-host
Use video to pick up on a a guest’s non-verbal cues, even if you only upload audio files
Develop interview techniques and styles
Be determined, even without feedback
Select types of equipment

And to weary podcasters who sometimes feel like all the hard work is in vain, hang in there! Corey and Josh note that most podcasters don’t make it past the first dozen or so episodes. So if you keep going, you’ll be in a kind of elite group of podcasters!

They explain why research before an interview is so important to facilitate great questions. They also note how video recording an interview really helps hosts with responses to non-verbal cues – even if you don’t plan to release the video.

Why everyone needs a hope strategy

If you haven’t listened to the Hope Strategy Podcast yet, we highly recommend it. It features some amazing guests and very insightful interviews. Some of our favourites are include Kara Goldin, author of Undaunted, and Peter Kozodoy, author of Honest to Greatness, as well as the interviews with Josh and Corey.

Thanks to Josh and Corey for doing this interview for Podmotion!

If you want to share your podcasting philosophy in an episode of the Podmotion podcast, get in touch with us at podmotion.co.

Thanks for listening, and if you enjoy this episode, be sure to share it with a friend!

Listen here The Hope Strategy Podcast.


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