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Article Creation

Articles created from your podcast episodes can significantly enhance site visitor and listener engagement, as well as search engine optimization. All articles can be repurposed for multiple platforms such as episode pages, blogs, LinkedIn, or social media posts.


When we create your brand, we ensure it aligns with your values and invites engagement with listeners. We also redevelop existing brands in need of refreshing or realignment with new values.


Coaching can be used for the main aspects of your podcast production process if you require professional support or guidance. We offer speech, interview, and podcast development coaching.

Content Strategy

Podmotion’s comprehensive podcast content strategies are aimed at significantly enhancing engagement, growth, and search engine optimization. Content strategies are created for a client’s unique issues and needs, and with your input. Your content strategy will identify your goals and recommend on how they can be reached.

Content Marketing

A content marketing plan focuses on optimizing your episode content into a written format. The plan details how this can be done, which episodes to use, and the best channels for your audience (e.g. LinkedIn, industry blogs, etc).


Consultation focuses on the big-picture aspects of podcasting. This approach helps give you a solid understanding of what’s involved in podcasting, parts of the process, or what you need before beginning or launching a show. We can also coach on organization skills to streamline the time you invest in your shows.

Digital Marketing

We deliver the essential knowledge about how to digitally market your podcast across social media and advertising platforms. Or you can rely on us to create and execute a digital marketing strategy for your show.

Domain Setup

Get the ideal domain name for your podcast website and email. We have over a decade of experience registering, configuring, and managing domains using any top-level ending.

Editing and Post-production

Podcast editing includes the full post-production treatment to create the best-possible sound, removal of the ums and ahs and false starts, addition of meta tags, and insertion of intros, ads, outros, and music.

Email Setup and Admin

Get email for your podcast at your show’s domain with hosted email from Google or Microsoft. We’ll get everything setup and make sure you’re ready to communicate with your listeners.

Graphic Design

Customized podcast artwork allows your show to really stand out and builds your brand. Your show’s website needs to incorporate your brand and make it easy for your listeners to engage with you.


If you are unavailable for or not comfortable with interviews, two of our team members are experienced interviewers and have filled in for a number of podcast or video production interviews.

Logo Design

A show logo is an important part of your brand and helps listeners identify your podcast across different listening services and apps. A well-designed logo will help convey your show’s message to potential listeners.

Music Composition

As a podcaster, it’s easy to purchase music from a number of online platforms such as Audiojungle or Envato Market. For those looking for something unique and special, we compose intro and outro music for your show.

Newsletter Setup and Admin

Operating an email newsletter to communicate with your listeners shouldn’t take time away from producing your show. We will setup an email newsletter for your show and integrate it into your website, making it simple for visitors to signup to get your latest updates.

Newsletter Content

Newsletters are essential to engage listeners and attract new fans to your show. Our compelling content makes your newsletters personal, interesting, and informative. Newsletters help drive higher audience engagement levels.

Online Advertising

Rapidly grow your audience through online advertising. We will identify the best platforms for your ads and will create the content and execute the campaigns on your behalf. All marketing campaigns use the best available acquisition and conversion tracking tools and tactics.

Podcast Artwork

Your podcast needs to stand out in a crowded ecosystem. Our visually impactful podcast artwork meets platform guidelines and draws attention to your show.

Podcast Show Evaluation

This standalone service uses a professional podcaster to review your show and three episodes to create detailed recommendations, aimed at improving all aspects of your show and listener engagement.


Referencing and sharing the latest information in your show and on your website lends credibility to your podcast and helps with search placement. We research topics and trends and find supporting information for your episodes and website.


A podcast script is a useful tool for new podcasters or longer episodes. It can help keep your audio tight and on-message, so that it’s engaging for listeners. Usually, it’s not necessary to script every word, but it can be useful to have a script or notes to maintain focus in each episode. Scripts can also be developed from speeches or presentations.

Social Media

Social media is the go-to promotional tool for almost every podcaster. We show you which platforms to use, the type of content to post, and the tools with which to manage it. Or use our compelling content and designs to communicate your message.


Verbatim transcripts of an episode’s content are primarily used for the hard-of-hearing to access an episode’s content. If you decide to publish transcripts on your episode pages, we ensure they are accurate and carry the names of the speakers.


We offer training for a wide range of needs. We can teach you interview techniques, new technologies, newsletter writing and management, audio recording, and WordPress management. If a service is not listed here and you are not sure how to do what’s required or carry out the task, we can train you.

Video Production

Video recordings of episodes are a great introduction to your podcast. If you want to use clips to post on social media, or upload an entire episode on Youtube, we can produce great video content ready for use.

Voice Overs

Adding clear, professional voice overs for intro, ads, or any other aspect of your show can greatly improve your podcast’s quality. Use our team or let us find the right voice for you.

Website Development

Every podcast should have a digital home. Podmotion specializes in creating either simple websites or sophisticated platforms for your podcast. Your site will truly showcase your podcast. We’ll support your site’s SEO by using the latest tools to maximize traffic.

Website Podcast Integration

Your podcast needs to be accessible to visitors to your show’s website. We will select the best embedded player for your audience and website, and will integrate it with your show’s audio feed.

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